Safety Benefits of Exit & Emergency Lighting for Ipswich Businesses

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In the event of an emergency, knowing where the nearest emergency exit is vital. Regardless of the size of the business enterprise, it is important to have exit and emergency lighting as they are a part of a safety system that keeps the business, employees and clients safe.

AS 2293  specifies requirements for the design and installation of emergency lighting and illuminated emergency exit signage systems for buildings.

The following are key benefits of having emergency & exit lighting installed.

Easy Way Out

These lighting fixtures run from the main power system and are installed with a built-in battery backup that turns on automatically when there is a power outage. These illuminated signs make sure that the general public is provided with a safe path of travel during an emergency.

The exit signs equipped with emergency lighting provides an easy way out of leaving the premises to employees, clients or visitors of commercial buildings.Take note that these signs must be clearly visible at all times.

Avoid Fines and Penalties

Emergency & Exit Lighting is required by Australian Standards. They must meet the code for emergency lighting  Failure to install appropriate fixtures may result in fines and penalties from the local safety inspector.

Advantage to First Responders

Aside from giving the people inside the building an easy way out, emergency and exit signs provide first responders an easy access to get in and out of the building during emergencies. The lights ensure everyone gets out of the building as quick and safe as possible.

Like other fire safety equipment, emergency exit lighting are required to be serviced on a six monthly basis to ensure that they are in working order and meet the emergency lighting requirements set by Australian Standards or Local Code.x

Keep your business and employees safe and ensure that your overall fire protection system is at the optimal function with FCF Ipswich. We offer a wide range of fire safety services including supply, installation, and inspection. We can also provide a detailed quote to help your building comply with current Australian Standards.

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